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Zeck Owner posted Jul 6, 17

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America is celebrating, and so are we!

We are having a 25% OFF 4th ofJuly sale, just for all of you! The sale will only last until July 13th (1 week) so hurry until it's too late! All ranks and items are included in this sale!

Sale length:

1 Week (July 4th - July 13th)

Percentage of Discount:


Server DownTime!

Zeck Owner posted Jun 9, 17

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Server will be going down at 8 PM, central-timezone for the entire rest of day of server upgrades!

Thanks for understanding =)

- Austin

       Happy Thanksgiving!

                Hello everyone, Austin here (: I just want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and say how proud I am and happy to even be saying this to all of you guys/gals. Throughout the years of owning TheCloudNetwork servers, it's a privilege and honor to say this every year, knowing that the community and the dedication of the staff and players have brought the server today to still be up and running, and growing each and every day!

I would also like to note that there is a 20% sale on ALL donation store items, if you are interested please check the store out =)


Summer-Sale/Birthday Sale

Zeck Owner posted Jun 16, 16

Hello everyone, as you know Summer has arrived (Ho-Ray, for some at least o-o)! Let the Summer bring warmth and joy to you, and a fun day on TheCloudNetwork of course :P. Because of Summer hitting, and the nice weather that has been recently occurring we've decided to do a Summer-Sale! All items for all servers will be 30% off from the regular prices they are listed at! When you donate you are supporting the server with funds that can be used to upgrade the server, rent TeamSpeak + website, and much more! All funds that we receive are STRTICLY only used on the server!


Also, because of my birthday being tomorrow (June 16th ^_^) I am going to be doing an extra 5% off for that day, so be sure to check out the shop!

Length: 6/15/2016 → 7/2/2016

Amount Off: 30%

Items: All

Drum Roll Please.....

riles219 OwnerStaffDonor posted Mar 3, 16

Back in the month of Feburary I made a post about the

Monthly Top Voter Rank Rewards

The results are in, it is the moment you have all been waiting for

(Drum Rollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll)

First place goes too...SenorQueso!!!

You will recieve

- A donor rank

Second place goes too...Animationhero421!!!

You will recieve

- Spawners

- Iron and Gold blocks

Third place goes too...Phoenix_Firestar!!!

You will recieve

- Iron Gold, and Diamond blocks

Important to know all the winners MUST contact AUSTIN2276/ZECK in game to recieve your rewards.

Congrats to all, game well played.

Everyone has a chance of winning all you have to do is VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

The votes reset at the end of each month, the month of march has just started, stop sitting here reading and go VOTE to have a chance at seeing your name in color...

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